Mithgarian Tee-Shirt Logo

This logo is that of a split flag, where the diagonal upper half represents the flag of the High King, and the diagonal lower half represents Modru's flag (of Gron). This split flag perhaps best represents the great struggles on Mithgar in the wars between Gyphon and Adon, for it was upon Mithgar that the key battles were waged.

In two of the greatest of these struggles—the Great War of the Ban, and, millennia later, The Winter War—Modru's attempts to gain control of all of Mithgar were thwarted by the forces of the reigning High King.

The quotation on the logo came from the Elf Galarun in explanation as to why many Elves dwelled upon Mithgar, on the Middle Plane, and not upon Adonar, their natural home upon the High Plane. This quotation perhaps also best explains why many readers find Mithgar to their liking.

This is the logo on the Mithgarian tee-shirts.

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